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Clockwork Owl Studio

Clockwork Owl Studio in Brighton is the home of Tim Bidwell, musician-turned-producer, with over 20 years’ experience in the industry. Working across a variety of genres but specialising in indie, folk, alternative and singer-songwriter; Tim has recorded, produced and mixed an impressive catalogue of music at his bespoke Kemptown studio - gathering over 70million streams in the process, and featuring on some of the top Spotify and Apple Music playlists such as 'Lost In The Woods', 'The Most Beautiful Songs In The World', 'Acoustic Chill' and 'Singer Songwriter'.


Tim's approach is to create a friendly, laid-back environment where artists feel comfortable and relaxed. Clockwork Owl Studio offers competitive rates and payment terms to suit all budgets, with the emphasis being on a ‘project’ basis - be it single, EP or entire album – rather than a daily rate, so that musicians can concentrate on creating without worrying about time restraints.


The studio comes equipped with a great blend of analogue and digital tools to provide a first-class sound for any artist or band with the warmth and clarity you would expect from any top-level professional studio and now with solar panels and battery system fitted we can make music powered by the sun! 

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