Clockwork Owl Studio in Brighton is the home of Tim Bidwell, musician-turned-producer, with over 20 years’ experience in the industry.  Working across a variety of genres but specialising in indie, folk, alternative and singer-songwriter; he has recorded and produced an impressive catalogue of music at his bespoke Brighton studio.  

Tim’s approach is to create a friendly, laid-back environment where artists feel comfortable and relaxed.  Rather than focus on a daily rate charge, the emphasis is on a ‘project’ basis - be it single, EP or entire album – so that musicians can concentrate on creating without worrying about time restraints. It creates results; material Tim has produced has gathered over 40 Million streams between 2016 - 2018.

With a track record for discovering, recording and producing young up-and-coming talent, Tim understands the financial constraints that come with the territory.  As a result, the Clockwork Owl Studio offers very competitive rates and payment deals with varying levels of recording points/PRS income to suit all budgets.

The studio comes equipped with a great blend of analogue and digital tools to provide a first class sound for any artist or band with the warmth and clarity you would expect from any top level professional studio (see kit list for further details). 

Artists in the Clockwork Owl Studio archive include Lucy Rose, Matthew And The Atlas, Kate Walsh (and her No.1 record ‘Tim’s House’), Laish, Time For T, Mara Simpson, Bacchus, Oktoba and Jack Watts, amongst many others.

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