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"I found the perfect home for recording both albums 'Something's Changing' and 'No Words Left' at Clockwork Owl Studios. I knew exactly what I wanted them to sound like and only realised this was achievable when I started working with Tim. He enabled and encouraged me to commit to a strong vision which isn't easy and he never compromised. It's rare to find someone who is willing to take risks and who puts the music first ever step of the way." - LUCY ROSE


"Tim and I worked together on my debut album.  From the beginning of the project to the end and beyond; Tim's production, creativity, mentoring and most importantly, his passion for great song making was consistent throughout.  Offering up a relaxed recording environment in his home Clockwork Owl Studio, an equal, creative partnership between artist and producer was able to exist.  I really felt that my tracks were given the time and space to develop in the studio, with Tim taking on a real respect and understanding for getting the best out of the music.  With a string of Brighton's finest session musicians also on his speed dial, I was given the opportunity to create outstanding arrangements in my songs that went far beyond most of the original expectations I had for them going into recording.  I am immensely proud of the debut record we made together and my recommendation for Clockwork Owl Studios couldn't come any higher."  -  OKTOBA

"Creating an album at Tim’s house was a unique experience.  The songs could feel at home, the studio sounds magic, there’s room and space to breath.  As for Tim’s own boundless enthusiasm and absolute love of music, well, having that stamped on the record was awesome."  -  MARA SIMPSON

"Imagine having the perfect musical wingman.  Like your best friend being insanely mad at production!  Because that's what it's like working with Tim.  Being in a studio can be stressful in many cases, but with Tim's hilariously unique approach and super relaxed home studio setting, the experience is always chilled yet exciting, heart warming, hyper-creative and successful."  -  JACK WATTS

"At Clockwork Owl, Tim creates an atmosphere of focussed and inspired creativity, enabling a hearing of the work that transcends subjectivity.  What comes of this is an honest appraisal of a song, and what follows is a powerful unfolding of its potential.  Tim, being as open as he is whilst guiding the work so incisively, almost makes it feel as though the recordings carve themselves.  What I have always found is that somehow the finished work relays a vision intrinsic to itself; how we get there I cannot explain but I'm sure its down to some kind of Clockwork magic that only Tim can conjure up!"  -  MATTHEW THE OXX



"Working with Tim at the Clockwork Owl Studio is always such an exciting process. Having recorded in pay-per-day studios all my life, working at Tim’s home studio has been a breath of fresh air. Not having to clock watch, Tim is always up for getting creative, experimenting, drinking tea and finding real moments of magic. To top it off he's become a right good friend!" - BACCHUS

"Working with Tim over the years has been a real privilege and joy. It has proved essential
for me to have a relaxed, comfortable and ‘home from home’ environment in order to
record my music, and Clockwork Owl Studio is all that and more.  Tim has a way of knowing
exactly what an artist is capable of and is able to pull the best out of you, even on the days
when you don’t feel much like working.  Tim strives for perfection in his recordings but still
manages to retain the rawness and sincerity of the individual artist.  When Tim touches
your music he brings it to life."  -  KATE WALSH

"Working at Clockwork Owl Studio was a beautifully inspiring experience.  Tim is a true producer/engineer in that he knows how to get the best performance out of an artist and capture it superbly with warmth and clarity.  Recording ‘Matchbox Stand’ was joyous, so easy going and natural.  I will be recording at Clockwork Owl again in the near future" 


"Tim's great - great ears - his forte in my opinion is just straight up honest recording.  The sounds you get at the end are so real - not raw - just real and honest.  Really love his sound - for my acoustic rework EP 'Sort Of Versions' he was absolutely my first choice.  He grabs the moment and he's so easy to work with… he's got like a retro kinda mindset and his influences are solid too… just a really solid pair of ears…"  -  FINK

"Working with Tim on my EP was a completely awesome exprerience.  He really helped me develop my sound and brought the songs to life.  Always lots of fun working in his lovely studio - the process felt really organic and exciting.  Tim is a true pro and a totally lovely bloke!"  -  DANNI NICHOLS

"I had a great experience working with Tim at Clockwork Owl Studios.  Tim is very technically proficient as a producer/engineer however, for me, what gives Tim the edge is his understanding of music, musical arrangement, melody and instrumentation, with the ability to see a track as a whole, as well as focussing on the finest detail.  Clockwork Owl is unique in its informal and unpretentious atmosphere and allows you to feel uninhibited and relaxed when recording, which for me, is key to encouraging creativity."  -  JOEL WELLS (GENTLEMAN STARKY)

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