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Clockwork Owl Studio Kit

Clockwork Owl Studio is equipped with an ever-increasing collection of digital and analogue kit, including:


Fender Telecaster

Fender Stratocaster

Godin 5th Avenue Semi Acoustic

Tanglewood Memphis

Martin Acoustic DX-1R

1969 Angelica 12 String Acoustic

Tanglewood Acoustic TW1000SR

1978 Fender Precision Bass

Fender Jazz Bass

Ozark Resonator

Ozark Banjo




SE Gemini 2

Sontronics Aria

Aston Origin

Aston Spirit

Sure SM-57 x 2

Lewitt LCT 140

ElectroVoice RE20

ElectroVoice RE11

T-Bone RB-500 Ribbon Mic

T-Bone CD-65 Drum Mic Set

T-Bone BD-300 Kick Drum Mic



Spencer 1938 Upright Piano

Rhodes Mark1. 73 Stage Piano

1973 Wurlitzer

Korg MS10

Roland Juno 6 (with tubbutec 66 Mod)

Korg MicroKorg

Indian Harmonium

Casio SK1

Yamaha VSS-30

Suzuki OmniChord




UAD 2 DUO with Quad Satellite

Neve 1073 DPX Stereo Pre-Amp & EQ

Heritage Audio HA-609A Comp/Lim

Vintech Audio X73i PreAmp & EQ

TL Audio PA-1 Duel Pentode Valve Pre-amp

TL Audio 5050 PreAmp and Compressor

Vermona Retroverb Stereo Spring Reverb

Roland RE-501 Chorus/Echo Tape Delay

Various guitar pedals (Electro Harmonix etc.)

ProAcoustic Studio Monitors

Apple Power Mac Running Protools 11

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